Your guide to the most beautiful places on the planet.

How do I claim my free Viewpoint?

To welcome our new users, we give everyone who signs up a free Viewpoint! After you select a Viewpoint and put it into your cart, you will be asked if you want to use any Freebies during the check out process.

Why do I need to enter an email address?

Stand Here uses email addresses as unique usernames, so each user must enter a valid email address.

What's a Promo Code?

Stand Here's partners can refer people to our website with unique Promo Codes. By using a Promo Code, you gain access to special offers like free Viewpoints! You don't need one to sign up.

How do I get a Promo Code?

You can get a Promo Code for Stand Here in a variety of ways. One might be included in an advertisement for Stand Here, or along with one of our partner's products.

What's a Freebie?

A Freebie is a free Viewpoint you may get from entering a Promo Code.

How do I use my Freebies?

After you select a Viewpoint and put it into your cart, you will be asked if you want to use any Freebies during the check out process.

How do I enter a Promo Code after I've already signed up?

Click on your account name in the top navigation. Select “Enter Promo Code” from the drop down menu. Enter the promo code in the promo code field.

What is a Viewpoint?

A Viewpoint is one of the most beautiful places on the planet; the exact location that Rodney was standing when he took one of his stunning photographs. When you purchase a Viewpoint, you get all the information you need to reach it, including a detailed map, the best time and season to visit, fun facts and much more.

What are Parks?

Parks are groupings of Viewpoints. Many are National Parks and National Forests. However, some include places you wouldn't expect, like the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. These are "Other Beautiful Places" (see below)

Stand Here Parks

What are "Other Beautiful Places?"

These are Parks that contain Viewpoints that aren't grouped in a National Park, Forest or Seashore, and are often widely spaced apart.

How do I search for a particular place?

If you know the name of the Park or Viewpoint you're looking for, you can type it into the search bar in the top right of the screen underneath your name. This search will also return results when the search term matches the Viewpoint's story and field notes, as well as its country and state.

How do I find locations in particular states or provinces?

The map starts by displaying all the Parks in the United States. Click "United States" to turn those Parks off, then click the "State/Province" tab and start clicking on individual state and province names to show the Parks within the states and provinces selected. You can also use the map's zoom function to see the parks within a particular state or region.

How do I find locations in particular Parks?

The map starts by displaying all the Parks in the United States. Click "United States" to turn those Parks off, then click the "Parks" tab and start clicking on individual Park names to show them on the map.

How do I filter locations?

Once you've chosen the Parks you want to look at, you can select a filter to limit your results to show only Parks that include Viewpoints that match the filter. For example, selecting the filter "Kid Friendly" will remove any Parks from the map that don't have any kid friendly Viewpoints.

How do I view a particular Viewpoint?

When you choose a Park, you are shown images of the Viewpoints contained within that Park. Use the arrows to the right of the Park name to navigate between different Viewpoints. When you see one you're interested in, click "Stand Here" to see more information about that Viewpoint.

I bought a Viewpoint. Where can I access it?

To see the Viewpoint(s) you have purchase, click on your account name and select “My Viewpoints” in the drop down menu. You can also access them here.

Stand Here Account Dropdown

How do I change the information that displays in my profile?

Click on your account name and select “Account Settings”. You can make changes to your profile here. You can also access “Account Settings” when you select “Public Profile” from your account drop down menu. You can access this page here.

How do I change who can see what's in my profile?

Click on your account name and select “Account Settings”. You can make changes to your profile here including who can see it. You can also access “Account Settings” when you select “Public Profile” from your account drop down menu. You can access this page here.

How can I upload photos?

Click on your account name and select “My Viewpoints” from the drop down menu. Select the viewpoint you would like to add a photo to. Under the “Member Photos” section of the Viewpoint, select “Add Photo” or “Take the First” (if you are the first person to add a photo). You will then have an option to upload an image from your computer. Acceptable image formats are JPG, PNG and GIF.

How do I buy a particular Viewpoint?

Select a Viewpoint you want to purchase from the "Find Location" page. Once you have selected the Viewpoint you can add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

After I have purchased a Viewpoint, how do I access it?

Click on your account name in the top navigation bar. Select “My Viewpoints” from the drop down menu. You can also access this page directly by going here. On the My Viewpoints page, you will see a list of Viewpoints you have purchased.

How do I find out what's in my cart?

Click on the “Cart” link in the top navigation. The contents of your cart will be displayed.

Stand Here Shopping Cart

How do I get to checkout?

Click on the “Cart” link in the top navigation to open your cart. Start the checkout process by clicking on “Next Step”.

  iOS Help & User Interface Guide

Welcome to the StandHere mobile application, your guide to the most beautiful places on the planet, and as it turns much more.

What you will find here is a basic outline of the functions, features, and navigation of the application. While we hope to have created an intuitive and easy to use application we do believe taking a quick moment to review this section will be beneficial. So please take the time to at least glance over this information.

Our founder and StandHere creator Rodney Lough Jr. has a saying:

“You could run out of food and die. You could get attacked by a bear and die. You could fall off a cliff and die. Or you could stay home, fall off the couch, and die. How will you be remembered?”

  Getting Started

Logging in, Registering or Continuing as a Guest On initial launch of the application, after installing it on your mobile device, you will be presented with the login screen.

I Have An Account

If you already have already created an account using the website you can begin by entering your email and password, followed by tapping the Log In button. To enter your email and password, tap the appropriate field and the keyboard will present itself. Type in your information and hit the return key. As needed, then hit the Log In button. The application will then log you into your existing StandHere account and deliver you to the Map page of the application when complete.

Note: you must be within reception in order to use this function. If you are not within reception the application will automatically assume you are logging into the last logged in account. The application however will not allow for a full feature set of functions, as reception is required for most things. However, there are some really cool offline/without reception features so keep reading!

I Do Not Have An Account But I Want One

If you do not have an existing account and would like to create one you can by using the Register button. Pressing the Register button will take you through a set of dialog screens that ask for some basic information and then deliver you to the Map page of the application when complete.

Note: There are major advantages to having an account within the StandHere system, Freebies being one of them, Swag being another, and being able to share with your friends, family and colleagues where you’ve been and what stunning images you’re sharing with them. You can even get them involved in getting up off the couch and enjoying the stunning reality that is Mother Nature.

I Don't Want To Have An Account

Hey, we respect that! But there are some key things you just won’t be able to do. But free will is something we feel really strongly about, so more power to you. Heck there are some things we don’t want to be a part of either…like, making nukes, or unsustainable forestry practices, or idlly sitting around hoping for change, or, or or Hopefully you get the idea.

The bottom line is that the StandHere social network is about more than just getting to and from beautiful places, or being part of a community of other like minded people who want to help protect these stunning locations for generations to come.

We are also about self exploration and being able to share that with others we know, or might come to know, who knows. The point is, create an account – help us help save these stunning places.

It’s true, you’re going to be able to get a TON of information without being part of the StandHere community. But it’s also true that you’re not going to have available to you some really cool things – like Track a Trail (shown later); well, you can actually Track a Trail, but you won’t be able to save it or access it later. And that’s kinda sad. So keep the frown away and sign up today.

If you still want to Continue as Guest, after all that, you of course can. Just tap the button and you will be delivered to the Map page of the application.

Note: Join the StandHere community, you won’t regret it.

  The Map

This is the main page within the StandHere application. It is also where the base navigation menu and the pull down menu can be found. From here you can get to anywhere else within the application.

You will initially be presented with the screen on the left.

Starting in the upper right hand corner of the screen, from left to right, you will see:

  • Filter pressing this allows you to filter the viewpoints by a number of predetermined settings. Just tap it and play with it, it’s pretty easy to follow.
  • Search tap and type something you want to search on. This search will look through every single line within the entire system and return anything it thinks is a match.
  • List tapping this button will yield a list of viewpoints within the StandHere system for all the pin points currently showing on the map. NOTE: if you press the List button on the initial load of the application it could take a little time to download all the viewpoints within the system, but it does work.
Just below the top functions, sort of just below the List button and within the map are two additional features. First is the location services button and a pull down menu of system features.

  • Location Services button will cause the application to find the nearest selection of viewpoints from your current location. Pressing it will yield something like this:
  • Pressing the list button in the upper right hand corner will return a list of all viewpoints within the area highlighted on the map.
  • Pressing the Pull Down Menu and turning on the elevation will put your current elevation in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • Pressing the Pull Down Menu and turning on Track a Trail turns on the feature and allows a hiker to begin tracking their own trail. Upon finishing or arriving at their destination a hiker is able to save their trail by following a simple set of steps. This feature works even in offline mode.

  Track a Trail

Is one of the features that makes StandHere a completely unique system.

Once a hiker starts Track a Trail (simply tap the icon to begin a new trail) they will be presented with a screen like this (this screen also assumes that the hiker has turned on the Elevation feature as well):

Once a hiker starts Track a Trail and begins walking, or running, the internal GPS on your mobile device relays a signal back to StandHere and it can keep track of where you are, have been, and will be, hiking. Not only does it keep track of your trail, it keeps track of your elevation gain and loss, current elevation, distance traveled, time on the trail and your relative speed of travel. In short – it is FEAKIN’ AWESOME!

When you are at the end of your hike and have arrived at your destination simply tap the Stop/Pause button and if complete Finish your Track a Trail session. If you choose, you can save the trail for future reference. Follow the screens to accomplish this: you’ll be asked for a few basic bits of information, then press save – Presto – saved, even in offline use.

Note: You cannot be hiking a viewpoint trail and be using Track a Trail at the same time. It’s one or the other. Besides, we couldn't come up with a situation where anyone would want to do both at the same time anyway.

The Menu Bar

Located along the bottom of the Map page are the following menu options:

  • Account Honestly, we know you’re going to just ‘play’ around with this anyway so, just have fun.
  • Camera Use this to take pictures with this very simple system camera. Images will be saved in the Photos application as part of your operating system, under the StandHere folder. Each image taken is geo-­‐tagged and can get shared with people you want to share with. Why not use these to then update your Account and share with the world your stunning images.
  • Map This will be covered below as this is the main feature of the entire site.
  • Backpack You may find yourself in situations and locations where you have no service. We say “SO WHAT!”. The Backpack is a feature that allows you to download viewpoint trails to stunning locations so you can get to them even when you have no reception.
  • More
  • Here you will find this Help feature, Store, About and a Feedback feature. Each of these features is really very self-­‐explanatory. However if you find something that you think could be improved on PLEASE use the Feedback feature.


Using standard application pinch/zoom features or using the location services icon, zoom into the area you are interested in exploring. Once you have zoomed into an area a single tap of a location pin will yield the title of the location you have tapped. Like so:

Tapping the location title will take you to the scrolling list of viewpoints within that location. Use the left and right arrow buttons on the image to scroll through the viewpoints (swipe also works). Alternatively you can use the List button to show a list of the same viewpoints for that location.

Use typical scroll functions to move the screen up / down to reveal information about this location. These features include: While You’re Here, Park Information & Getting Here. This information is available to all users including Guest users.

While You’re Here

information includes a vast array of wonderful and useful information, including: Stay Here, Eat Here, Shop Here, and Go Here.

Park Information

includes (limited to information available) information concerning Park Fees, Reservations, Visitor Center Information, Weather, Seasonal Info, Contact and Giving Back.

Getting Here

includes (limited to information available) information concerning Flying Here, Driving Here, Taking Transit Here, Getting Around Here.

All of this information is at the ‘Park’ level and is not specific to any one viewpoint with the application.

StandHere Viewpoints

Should you find an image that you find interesting or would like to visit from the ‘Park’ level you can access additional information about that specific image viewpoint by tapping the image or pressing the StandHere button located in the upper right corner of the page.

Tapping the image takes you to information specific to that image.

Note: The List button will provide a list of all nearby images, and/or all images within, the ‘Park’. This allows you to see what else is nearby, you never know you just might want to go there also.

There are two levels of information here

There is information that is available to everyone and there is extensive information that requires you become a member of the community and spend a tiny amount on each stunning viewpoint.

Now Before You Go Crazy On Us

The information that is available to everyone is pretty basic. Difficulty, Rating & Reviews (user based), Visitors (members of the StandHere community who have hiked this viewpoint) and a list of other images nearby to this viewpoint. Pressing the button on these yields differing bits of information depending on the topic selected. Play around with it, see what others have think about it and whether they think it’s a good idea.

  Why We Do It

To understand where we are coming from concerning our nominal fee (you can’t even get a bottle of water for this amount and the water will be gone in a couple of hours – at least these places will be around for generations to come), and for what you will come to learn is a staggeringly vast amount of additional information and features, you have to understand our mission.

The creator of the StandHere social media website and application, Rodney Lough Jr., has watched as places of serene beauty (which he originally photographed and which he worked to keep secret for fear of others not respecting the natural beauty of the place) witnessed as years went by and these secret places became less and less secret. As more and more people ‘found’ their way to these places, often, they didn’t take care or respect the locations – we like to believe because they simply didn’t know any better or how special these places really are.

Over time Rodney watched as these stunning cathedrals in nature were being destroyed and his silence was promoting the destruction. This problem required a new line of thinking if there was to be a solution to this ever growing problem, as it was clear that keeping a place ‘secret’ wasn’t working any longer. No longer was it OK to keep a place secret with the idea that it would be protected. No. That simply wasn’t working.

A new strategy needed to be implemented if the mission was to ever have a chance of being fulfilled. Rodney realized that in order to keep a special place special you don’t do it by keeping it a secret…you do it by creating a community of others who understand how magnificent these places are and they work together to help collectively protect it. That community becomes educators to all of us and they speak up when they see something happening that shouldn’t be.

The best way Rodney thought, to keep these places pristine was to share everything he knows about these places. The hope is that over time we, the StandHere community, can work to save, restore and preserve the Worlds most stunning locations for our children’s, children’s children. To accomplish this we take a percentage of every fee collected from each viewpoint and use it to protect that very viewpoint. Simply put you are helping to protect these places just by using the StandHere system. That makes you a StandHere Hero!

For those of you who just do not ‘get’ what we are saying…how about this explanation: you’d spend way more time on line trying to figure this stuff out then what you’ll spend here – so how much is your time worth really?, you only have so much of it.

So what is our MISSION? To Enrich Peoples Lives Through Nature. It’s really that simple.

What do I get when I spend 99 cents? First you get to pat yourself on the back because you just told the world you’re more interested in helping preserve these stunning locations than you are in a bag of chips, or a burger off the dollar menu. And while a greasy burger might be juicy, what you’re about to see and go do is far more juicy that a burger.

You still get the Viewpoint Stats: Difficulty, Rating & Reviews, Visitors, and Nearby locales. You also get Viewpoint Details: Distance, Duration, Elevation (this is a chart showing the profile for this viewpoints particular hike), Rodney’s Story behind the image, Rodney’s field notes (showing which camera he used, film, lens, aperture, exposure, etc), When to Go, How to Get There (including Driving and Hiking directions), What to Bring, and a little section we like to call Learn More which has a Fun Fact and What Else to Do Here section.

The other thing you get is the actual trail data. You can check in to a trail, hike the trail with help from the map and your GPS, complete the trail, keep track of elevation using the elevation profile of that trail all the while on the trail…it’s kind of SICK the amount of stuff you get!